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ATTENTION! The Hempedelic Goodie Game and Dope Quest end on September 30, 2024
So take part now and get your goodie box!!!
From mid-July we will be offering increased DOPE QUEST Games on Instagram where you have the opportunity to top up your points account.


Your intergalactic guide through the Hempedelic Goodie Game!

Hey space cowboy! 

DOC DELIC at the start - the psychedelic professor behind the Goodie Game. You have a lot of questions about this crazy trip? Don't stress, I'm here to bring light into the darkness! The Goodie Game is more than just a game, it's a journey into the unknown, a dance between street style and madness. So, grab your virtual joint, join me and dive into the hempedelic world. 

Ready for the trip of your life? Let's go!

Why am I getting so few quizzes, Doc?

Chill, my interstellar friend! The Goodie Game works a little differently than normal Earth logic. You get a spatial quiz like this from me about once a week. Then you have five cosmic days to clarify this question. But be careful: if you answer after this time, it will be crazy. Your answer ends up in the black hole, there are zero points and the question is then simply gone. Answer once and then it's over!
A little tip from your favorite professor: If you find an e-mail from me in your inbox after more than five days - don't touch it! If you ignore them, I'll shoot you the question again at some point. But if you answer it after the five days, it doesn't count - even if you got it right!
And hey, sometimes my spacy quizzes end up in the spam folder. crazy, right? Have a look and fish out the ones that aren't older than five days. the others? Just chill and wait. I'll send them to you again when the stars are right.
Also, stay relaxed and in the goodie flow! Let's rock the quiz universe together!
Dude, go full throttle on the quiz questions, blast through them and get the answers like there's no tomorrow! The more questions you answer, the longer it will take until it's the next one's turn. If you don't see any new questions for a while, then you've probably already completed a fair amount of quizzes.

And now check out how you can collect big points besides playing the quiz:
► Get your crew involved in the goodie game – for every new gambler you get 50 points and one buddy point. You have to get at least 5 buddy points, okay?
► Browse the DEAL MAIL every month and click the links. How many points there are is stated at each link.
► Take part in our Instagram Dope Quest – win goodie points and buddy points.
► And if you're in a hurry: just buy the missing goodie points soon. Zack, done!

Doc, why do two quizzes sometimes end up in my inbox? What's going on?

Ah, that's pure magic from the Goodie universe! Sometimes, when the stars are right and my joint is particularly inspiring, we launch other spatial games alongside the usual quizzes. That means for you: Double the fun and double the chance to collect Goodie Points! Also, always keep your eyes open and be ready to dive into the quiz galaxy adventure. And when two tasks land at once, then you know: It's party time in DOC DELIC Land! Grab the points and rock the game!

I clicked the correct answer, but then the resolution page was blocked. What's going on there?

Ah, there you are in one of the spacey black holes of the Goodie universe! This is how things work here: You can only click on the answers once. Before you decide, take a quick trip to the sponsor's website to make sure. Remember, in our psychedelic quiz game you only have one chance to click the right answer. If you click once, the door to the resolution will be sealed for you. So be smart, be careful and don't let the intergalactic mysteries confuse you! And always remember: In the Goodie universe everything is possible, but some things only once! 

The answer was not clear on the sponsor's website! I don't feel good about it.

Hey I feel you space cowboy! First of all, a big sorry from the Goodie universe. We jam with a lot of cool sponsors who make our generous game possible. But sometimes, when the stars are a bit off, the info on their websites can be a bit confusing.
Important to know: At Goodie Game, we try to do everything in our power to offer you a clear journey, but we can't always check if the sponsors' info changes or is more clear. But hey, here's the good part: if you think something isn't kosher, shoot us a message! We then sit in our intergalactic communicator and clear this up with the sponsor. And as thanks for your watchful eyes and help, there might well be a few extra Goodie Points flying your way! 
So stay cool and keep us up to date. Together we will make the goodie universe even more spacey! 

How can I get my local headshop to join your spacey trip?

Any local head shop that could fit our hempedelic family is a star in the Goodie Universe sky! Here's how to make the universe a little bit better:

Spread the Word: Grab your intergalactic communicator (aka cell phone) and tell your favorite headshop about Hempedelic and how spacey it would be if they worked with us.

The direct line: Give them our contact wormhole address: There you can contact us directly.

DealMail test: If everything fits and the stars are right, we offer your head shop a month's free DealMail service. A win-win situation for everyone!

Goodie rain for you: If your shop then gives us your email address as a recommendation, we will send you 100 Goodie Points for the Goodie Game as a thank you. This way you collect points for spacey rewards even faster!

You see, together we can make the Goodie universe even bigger, more colorful and more spacey! Thank you for being there and helping us light up even more stars! 

What is the difference between the DOPE BOX and the DOPE BOX "BOSS LEVEL"?

DOPE BOX "BOSS LEVEL" vs. DOPE BOX (the contents of the boxes may change)
In short: Both boxes are absolutely amazing! But let me tell you the difference, homie:

The DOPE BOX: This is the entry into the Hempedelic world. The box is packed with badass goodies for all stoners, growers and true hemp lovers out there. From gadgets and tasty snacks to cool accessories, handpicked with love by our sponsors. A real treasure chest for everyone who loves the green lifestyle!

The DOPE BOX "BOSS LEVEL": This is the absolute game changer, bro! Have you already won a goodie box? Then this is YOUR level! This box contains everything that is in the regular Dope Box PLUS some extra surprises guaranteed to make your head spin! This is not just a box, this is the ULTIMATE HEMPEDIC TRIP! And to show that you're already a real Hempedelic hero, mark your comment with a gift emoji so everyone knows: you're playing on "Boss Level"!

So, whether you're new to the Hempedelic world or already a real boss, both boxes will make you fly! Get ready for an amazing trip, bro!

How do the different boxes DOPE BOX, DOPE BOX "BOSS LEVEL", GOODIE BOX and VIP-BOX differ and how can I get them?


DOPE BOX (the contents of the boxes may change)
DOPE BOX: This is your ticket to stoner paradise! Small but mighty gadgets for all weed gourmets, grow gurus and hemp heroes. Digga, off to Instagram and into the game to dust them off! The DOPE BOX can only be won in the Instagram DOPE QUESTs.


DOPE BOX "BOSS LEVEL" (this is an example image, content may vary)
Have you tasted some Goodie Game blood and won the GOODIE BOX? Then you can enjoy the DOPE BOX - only with an extra boost! More goodies, more surprises, more love from our sponsors. With the Dope Quests on Instagram, all you have to do is show that you're already a Hempedelic champion, and the fat box is yours. The DOPE BOX "BOSS LEVEL" can only be won in the Instagram DOPE QUESTs.


GOODIE BOX (this is a sample image, content may vary)
GOODIE BOX: Ready for the big coup? Play the Hempedelic Goodie Game, collect points and get the box that has more than all the others. This isn't a kid's birthday party, this is the real deal! You can check all the rules and vibes here: Goodie Game Rules. the GOODIE BOX can only be earned when the number of points is reached the goodie gamer receives the GOODIE BOX:


VIP - BOX (this is an example image, content may vary)
For the real Hempedelic legends! You have the GOODIE BOX? Then you can rock level 2 and get the heaviest, greasy, busiest box. More goodies, more exclusives, more Hempedelic power! The VIP - BOX can only be won.

Why do I have to enter my zip code when registering for the Goodie Game?

Good question space cowboy! The answer is simple: so that your trip in the Goodie universe becomes even more spacey and personal! By giving us your zip code, we can send you the hottest and most relevant deals in your sector of the galaxy in Deal Mails. Imagine you get a coupon code for a head shop, but that shop is light years away down south while you're chilling up north. Not that cool, is it?

By knowing where you are in this wild universe, we can make sure you get deals and coupons you can really use. It's like GPS for your goodie deals! So, give us your zip code and let's shoot the best goodies straight into your orbit. Peace & Goodies! 

The voucher code from the deal mail is crazy! What's going on there?

Oh, I'm sorry, Space Buddy! Sometimes a voucher code has a short expiry date, sometimes there are small cosmic disturbances in our goodie universe. But don't panic! Here's the plan:

01. Check the date: Some codes are more elusive than shooting stars. Check the email again, maybe it just expired.

02. Typing Accuracy: Make sure you enter the code exactly as it says in the dealmail. No extra spaces, no swapped letters or numbers.

03. Get in touch with us: Write us a message with the details and we'll check it out with our hempedelic technology elves.

04. Stay Cool: When all else fails, relax and check your inbox for new deals. There are always new goodie offers coming out, so you never really miss out!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but always remember: Even in the Goodie universe there are minor turbulences. But together we will master every challenge! Peace, love & goodie vibes!

I signed up with my iCloud email but haven't received any emails from you guys yet. So I tried again to register. I get the message that I'm already registered. It's a shame, I would have liked to have played and won a goodies box!

Ah, you just discovered a black hole in the Goodie universe! Sometimes those iCloud wormhole emails are a bit tricky and hide our messages. Annoying I know!

Here's my tip from the spacy lab: Register with us using a different email address from a different provider. This should solve the problem in most cases.

I know it's not ideal, but remember, sometimes the cosmic currents in the universe are unpredictable. When you sign up again, make sure you feel the goodie vibes and grab this goodie box!

Thank you for your patience Space Cowboy! Let's keep reaching for the stars and rocking the Goodie Universe together! Peace, Love & Hempedelic Vibes! 

I need a break from the goodie game. How can I unsubscribe?

Hey, that's totally fine! Sometimes you just need a little break from the spacy hustle and bustle in the goodie universe. Here's how to exit the Hempedelic Matrix:

The unsubscribe link: There is a small unsubscribe link at the end of each of our emails. Just click and you're out.

Data protection first: Remember, if you take this step, all of your data will be deleted from us and your previously collected Goodie Points will fizzle out like stars that burn up. Are you sure you want that?

Heads-Up: You may still get some notifications if friends sign up using your referral link and actively participate. Technical Cosmic Disruption - It's our turn to fix it!

No spam, please: If you don't want to see us anymore, don't just put us in your spam folder. That makes the goodie universe sad. Rather use the unsubscribe link at the end of each email.

I hope our paths will cross again in the Goodie universe at some point. Until then, fly safe and have fun wherever your journey takes you! Peace out and may the goodie vibes be with you! 

Why does my goodie box look different than the one on Insta?

Cosmic greetings, my hempedelic friend! Congratulations on your goodie box! Here are a few explanations of the mysterious contents of your box:
01. Each goodie box is unique: like stars that shine in different colors and shapes in the sky, our goodie boxes also vary depending on the availability of products and sponsors.
02. Time Travel Factor: The goodie universe is constantly moving. This means that the products you saw on an old Instagram post might have been in the past and new and spacey products have been added to the box since then.
03. Limited Editions: Sometimes there are special products that are only available for a limited time or in limited quantities. When they're gone, they make room for other spacey items.
04. Community Vibes: Remember that our community is always growing and we try to give everyone a chance to grab some cool goodies. Sometimes that means rotating and mixing a bit.
05. Goodie Insight: Look in front of the Order what's in the box right now and what's coming soon. Determine the perfect moment for your trip to Goodie Land.
If you have specific questions or concerns about your box, don't hesitate to contact us at We're here to help and make sure you get the best of the Goodie universe! Keep it hempedelic, and thanks for being a part of our spacey journey!

I rocked 500 points, mastered quizzes and brought friends into the game. How do I get my goodie box now?

Crazy performance, space cowboy! Here's the roadmap to get started in the hempedelic galaxy of goodies:
01. Ready to go to the goodie box: As soon as you rock the number of points, we'll let you know. You are then on the cosmic home straight to the goodie box!
02. Fair play check: In the goodie universe, we all play fair. Therefore, we quickly check (usually within a day) whether everything matches the right things.
03. Your ticket to paradise: You will receive your 100% coupon for the goodie box by email. Order start and off through the Milky Way!
04. Bong Color Choices: Many space buddies wanted to choose their bong color. wish fulfilled! Choose your favorite color at check out.
05. Goodie Insight: Before ordering, see what's in the box right now and what's coming soon. Determine the perfect moment for your trip to Goodie Land.
06. Shipping News: As soon as you have ordered, we will inform you about the warp speed of your goodie box.
07. Stay in the game: Your box has arrived? Pretty! But don't chill too much - keep collecting points for even more generous benefits For the GOODIE GAME - Level 2 where you can earn the Hempedelic VIP Box.
08. Exclusive deals, better odds and surprises only your wacky Doc Delic knows are waiting for you!
09. Exclusive news: As a Goodie Box Star, you will receive special emails with exclusive information and deals. Also, stay in orbit!
So now you know how it works! Happy unboxing and welcome to the Goodie Masters Club! Let's rock the universe together!

Why don't I get the "Boss Level" dope box even though I used the gift emoji?

Hey Cosmic Traveler! First of all, thank you for taking part in our Dope Quest. The Goodie universe is sometimes more mysterious than it seems. Here is the spacy explanation:

Limited Edition "Boss Level": Like every boss in the game, the "Boss Level" dope box is rare and highly sought-after. There is only one of these magic boxes for each Dope Quest.

The Random Number Generator: The universe has its own ways, and so does our raffle. Just because you used the gift emoji doesn't automatically mean you get the "Boss Level" box. It just increases the cosmic vibes!

Another Star Traveler: If you won the normal Dope Box, then in this quest someone else has visited Lucky Galaxy and won the "Boss Level" Dope Box.

No worries! Each Dope Box is packed with spacey goodies just waiting for you to discover them. And hey, luck might be on your side again for the next dope quest! Until then, keep it hempedelic and keep reaching for the stars! Peace, love and dope vibes!